Recent Writings in Philosophy

Thoughts on Building Relationship with the One Foundation

January, 2020

By Jenny Becksted-Smith, Center Director of the New River Gorge Learning Co-op Working with the One Foundation is a rare and inspiring endeavour, one where the boundaries found in a typical funder/recipient relationship are blurred if not completely dissolved by an animating force deeply rooted in love, light and relationship. The One Foundation inspires us […]

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Guiding Principle: Compassionate Entrepreneurship

The spirit ​is activated by​ intention ​based on the light of understanding.​ When the clean intention (loving) meets the light of why and how (appropriate response), the heart is activated,​ ​actualizing the alive spirit. ​The essential spirit​ is loving towards needs and lacks, where the thirsty roots are, in an enlightened response with care.​

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Guiding Principle: Partnership

Witnessing the interconnected reciprocity within each ecosystem, we ​engage in partnerships ​respect​ing all contributors to ​the​ evolving vision. ​

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Guiding Principle: Inside Out

Wholesome honest giving starts from within where the caring heart seeks the clear vision for appropriate response. To be able to truly give, we need to develop compassion and heartfelt caring within as individuals and entrepreneurs. ​

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Guiding Principle: Ground Up

We give attention to the causes and seek to serve the roots, tending to ​the ​needs of the ​ground within each ​field​. ​​

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Guiding Principle: Abundance of Mercy

Nature is mercifully responsive to all our needs with its abundance. We acknowledge the gifts we have received and give with caring intention and intelligent response.

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