My Friends Are Not Perfect

January, 2019

My friends are not perfect.
Their imperfection I live 
That is where their needs lie
So that I may give.

My prayers are occupied
My Iman incomplete
The ground 
Demands attention
My doings replete.

He said, 
“love first
feel the needs
see yourself
come to your knees.”

Loving is not easy
Without exposure to light
of all in all 
that is
the glorious heavens
and all the gifts 
coming down
as all contain 
true needs.

I am here to give,
more than I receive
love calls for it
with the light
of heart free
for the poor
the scorched ground
seeking the water 
of clear clean mercy
where my understanding,
my presence
my attention
my salvation 
my care 
my doing 
the joy of existence

— Marz Attar, 2017

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