Listening to Our Partners

2018 Partners Gathering
Marz at 2018 Partners Gathering

In August 2018, One Foundation Partners in West Virginia convened to connect, build relationships, and visit the transformational work happening in Princeton, WV.  We asked many questions and learned a lot from each other. We asked one question specifically: “What does partnership with the One Foundation mean to you?” We wanted to share one of the responses we received from Future Generations University.

Question: What does partnership with One Foundation mean to you?

Answer: A closer relationship with the community we serve and insight to the activities that are taking place in our region. 

Future Generations University welcomes partnership with One Foundation as a way to strengthen our roots in West Virginia and nurture new learning and growing opportunities for the state. 

Mostly it means we’re on the right track and not crazy for trying to do what we’re doing, where we’re doing it. Having the support and validation of the One Foundation lends us credibility in a tough climate for private/alternative school ventures. We are also excited by the networking potential, the opportunity to work with other change leaders in Southern West Virginia. We are incredibly grateful for this relationship. 

Our partnership with the One Foundation makes it possible to realize our rural community’s dream to share what we value most about our place in the Appalachian Mountains with visitors and local youth. 

A commitment to moving forward together, accomplishing meaningful progress in our communities, in solidarity.

Our members are inspired by the support One Foundation has shown for the hemp industry. Our partnership allows the coop to enable farmers to make a living growing marketable cash crops and support the economic transition that this state needs. We are creating a sustainable new industry that will benefit WV for generations to come. 

The partnership with the One Foundation has helped our organization get it’s footing over the past couple of years as we fully stepped into being a 501(c)(3) organization. 

Partnership with the One Foundation means a relationship where we can solve challenges together. In addition to critical funding support, we are able to lean on the One Foundation for a community of colleagues, for programmatic expertise and for strategic advice as a true partner. Through partnership with the One Foundation, we are able to focus on accomplishing true long-term goals and outcomes, not just the day-to-day outputs. 

An opportunity to collaborate and receive/offer support to and with like minded individuals for the betterment of community. 

We so appreciate not only the sponsorship for students and community growth, but also the deep commitment of information sharing, encouragement, growth, and advancement in the vision we have for Fruits of Labor through the collective wisdom and additional networks of the One Foundation Team. 

The One Foundation’s partnership goes beyond the financial support. I am grateful for all the consultation and resourceful input this partnership has provided. I am also grateful for the spirit and the heart of the One Foundation. 

An exciting thought partner and funder that is always helping The Hub identify how to deepen our work, how to build systems that will last, and how to think creatively about driving forward real community-led development in low-capacity rural communities in West Virginia.

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