Guiding Principle: Compassionate Entrepreneurship

The spirit ​is activated by​ intention ​based on the light of understanding.​ When the clean intention (loving) meets the light of why and how (appropriate response), the heart is activated,​ ​actualizing the alive spirit. ​The essential spirit​ is loving towards needs and lacks, where the thirsty roots are, in an enlightened response with care.​

Today’s misguided ​spirit​ of competitive domination and hoarding, is example of ​ugly​ male who is self centered and does not know how to give. ​Due to this reality the feminine is neglected and suppressed in her receptivity. ​ How challenging the earth that ​has been rendered barren to the merciful rain. ​The rule of misguided patriarchy is failing and the failure is being exposed in our time. We can not ignore this reality of our modern industrial exploitations; we can not buy into the dominance of money which is the prime tool of this false dominion, leading to mass extinctions, poverty, wars, and all forms of separation in a creation that demands integration, harmony and unity.​

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