Guiding Principle: Abundance of Mercy

Nature is mercifully responsive to all our needs with its abundance. We acknowledge the gifts we have received and give with caring intention and intelligent response.

A world view steeped in gratitude and freed from illusory identification of a limited self,​ ​presuming lordship, ownership and permanence, none of which essentially exists. ​To access compassion and truly give, the appreciation of all that we have and recognition that all energy must flow and can not be captured or hoarded, ​is ​key to harmonious ​life.​ What we have, includes the inner gifts we received, such as intelligence, creative ability, genuineness and authenticity, and other qualities ingrained in our potential​, as well as the gifts​ accumulated ​during life time, like education, wealth, and all gained as the result of our inner search to discover realities we live in.

Responsive intelligence (or intelligent response) entails seeing the roots and all facts related to the ground of the ecosyste​ms​.​ With heartfelt care, we plan, prioritize, focus, and manage as a good farmer would, knowing that nature is abundant and will give, while we align resources and the needed feedings appropriately to ​support​ ​that process​. Each plant or tree, grows by its own laws; we do not grow it, we simply contribut​e​ to the process​; ​everything else, including the fruits, the results, the effects, is not ours to ​control.​ ​We relish the ​encounter whe​re​ fruits and needs meet. ​In reality each project has a community, which constitutes it’s ecosystem, a clear vision arising from a caring responsive awareness of the needs and how the fruits of our project​s​ will positively feed those needs. Intelligence includes skills, as well as knowledge of each stage of the project needing a different kind of attention, as a farmer’s tending differs in winter, spring, summer and fall.

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